↑ Project _ Ketari font concept

    Custom font for 3kaveria Custom font for 3kaveria

↑ Project _ Custom font for 3 KaveriaWith _ Tony Eräpuro / KuudesPhoto _ Juho Huttunen / Duotone

Riite retail font

↑ Project _ Riite retail font  Available at _ Helsinki Type Studio

Custom font for Korundi Custom font for Korundi

↑ Project _ Custom font for Korundi House of CultureWith _ Mainostoimisto Puisto


↑ Project _ Rodham retail font  Available at _ Helsinki Type Studio

Type design poster for taiwan design museum

↑ Project _ Type design poster for Taiwan design museum With _ Helsinki Type Studio

Custom font for Istitut Finlandais
Custom font for Istitut Finlandais

↑ Project _ Custom font for Institut FinlandaisWith _ Niklas Ekholm / Helsinki Type StudioCreative Direction _ Piëtke Visser  Photo _ Mikko Ryhänen 

(Un)common neighbours book spread layout
(Un)common neighbours custom font
(Un)common neighbours book spread layout

↑ Project _ Custom font & book design  With _ Postmodernsquare & Makeshift Ensemble


↑ Project _ Environmental art installations for TypoCraftHelsinki'19 exhibition  Video _ Petri Teppo

Custom font for student union magazine

↑ Project _ Custom font & art direction for Lapin ylioppilaslehti

Custom font for Oras
Custom font for Oras
Custom font for Oras

↑ Project _ Custom font for OrasWith _ Niklas Ekholm / Helsinki Type Studio

Finlandica font Custom typeface for Finland Custom typeface for Finland

↑ Project _ Custom typeface for FinlandWith _ Niklas Ekholm, Jaakko Suomalainen / Helsinki Type Studio

Logotype for a theatre performance
Custom font for a theatre performance

↑ Project _ Logotype for a theatre performance  With _ Makeshift Ensemble & Postmodernsquare



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I'm Juho based in Finnish Lapland specializing in type design. I draw letters at Helsinki Type Studio and Puisto.

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