Project _ 
Environmental art installations for TypoCraftHelsinki'19

Exhibition _ 
Helsinki Design Weeek _ Erottaja 2, Helsinki

Video _ 
Petri Teppo

Description _ 
Letters in the Forest explores temporary typographic practices in large scale. Located in the north of Finland, ever-changing weather with its distinct characteristics sets the terms and challenges for work and documentation.

Environmental art sketch
Environmental art sketch
Helsinki Design Week exhibition
Helsinki Design Week exhibition

Helsinki Design Week exhibition

Project _ 
Letters of Reflection

Description _ 
Letters of Reflection consists of letters carved in the glistening snow, transforming the icy landscape into a canvas for poetic expression and allowing the natural surroundings to frame and interact with the theme.

Environmental art project
Environmental art project
Environmental art project


I'm a type designer at Helsinki Type Studio and graphic designer at Puisto. Sometimes I'm crafting art that merges letters with the landscape that surround me.


1985 _ Juho Hiilivirta
Rovaniemi Finland

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2016 _ Attended _ University of Lapland
Arctic Art & Design _ Master of Arts

2012 _ Attended _ Aalto University
Graphic design _ Master of Arts

2008—2011 _ Aalto University
Graphic design _ Bachelor of Arts


2020 _ Taiwan Design Museum _ Taipei, Taiwan
Luonnon läheinen elämä

2019 _ Helsinki Design Week _ Helsinki, Finland

2018 _ Nord University _ Nesna, Norway
Relate North

2018 _ Aalto university _ Helsinki, Finland

2018 _ University of Lapland _ Rovaniemi, Finland

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